Beautiful Words from Xenz


xenzogram on Friday 18th May: @collaborativepaintinguk are holding an event and exhibition of these paintings. If you're in Bristol or the UK, please go check it out. It’s at Centerspace Gallery, Bristol.

I made a collaborative painting at Kings Weston House in 2016. Made in complete silence along with three other artists chosen at random from a group. I got to collaborate with @berol_meltdown @therealflxone and @andycouncil . No pre planning, no sketch, just pure meditative painting, together as one. There is something magic that happens. You experience the piece evolve while you communicate with paint. No words, no talking, just painting. It does something positive deep inside your soul. It’s not about creating a masterpiece, it’s not a competition, it’s about the act of doing and responding to each other’s presence and as the painting evolves, the bond with your fellow collaborators strengthens. Seeing the work develop makes your inner mind feel calm, happy, energised. Everyone can do this. And you should.

Lets talk about #mentalhealthawareness in my opinion this is a therapy that helps with mental health. We all have a mentality and we all need to keep that healthy. I want all my followers to understand that this is a positive way forward for society. It encourages you and helps your mental state without words, just expression - it invigorates your very being to take part in creating something. This truly can save. I want you to get involved. It’s good for you. Everyone should be creative. And this is a perfect opportunity for all. 
I really respect you Luke for believing in this and taking it forward. Together we make it a success. 🙏🏻