Collaborative Painting UK @Centrespace Launch

On Friday 18th May 2018, 12 people from different professional backgrounds were invited to take part in a Collaborative Painting UK workshop at Centrespace Gallery in Bristol. Without introducing ourselves we gathered as a group and i explained the guidelines for the session:

  • Participants would be randomly split into groups of 4 and work together on one of 3 blank canvases hung on the gallery walls
  • One artist will be appointed to begin the painting
  • Anyone else in the group can then join in
  • Anyone can paint over anyone else's work
  • The painting process is done in complete silence

I gave a time limit of 2.5 hours, but if someone felt that their collaborative painting was complete before this time was up, they should raise their hand. The other artists in the group can then decide to vote to finish by also raising their hand too. The majority vote rules.

The 3 groups all completed their artworks in just over two hours, which allowed us a little bit of extra time to regroup and evaluate the experience and celebrate the shared achievement. 

And then the DJs arrived! The Private View photos will have to wait for another post, but in the meantime i need to thank a whole list of people...!

This event wouldn't have been possible without my involuntary right hand man Tim Shapcott who collected and transported all the canvases and materials, built the Collabrotate installation, filmed and photographed the collaborative painting session, and then lit the BBQ and fed everybody the best burgers Leonards Lane has ever seen. A true champion, thank you for all your help Tim.

All of the participants who took part in the workshop, i honour your bravery and loved working with you all! Gina Love, Annika Wilkinson, Justin MacCarthy and Ian Thomson for trailing Collabrotate for the first time, Graham Dews for supporting the day, Damian Haka for helping hang the show and keeping the energy fuelled with vegan snacks, Ian Irwin for endless positivity and support, and Ruth and Moira at Centrespace.

The DJs who brought the freshest vibes in town! Thank you Neil Dubbu, Sam Bradshaw, DJ Fade, and Fuse One - and to Billy Daniel Bunter and Sonia for driving all the way over from London to come and drop some tunes and get involved... exciting times ahead! Great to meet old school local legend Vinyl Junkie and Rachael too.

The team at Brond, especially Dan and Angie for everything you have done to help take Collaborative Painting UK forward. Mel at Fedrigoni for supplying some beautiful paper and the guys at William Grand and Sons for an exceptional bar!

My brother Josh for saving the day and moving my car after forgetting it was in the car park and having had one too many Hendricks, and Dave Wilding for helping me shift the show next week.

And of course a massive thank you to everyone who came to the Private View and partied with us and everyone who has visited the exhibition and shown support to what i am doing. 

To be continued...!