Collaborative Painting UK @ RWA - Session 1

After two years of planning, i could hardly believe i was actually going to make this happen. On Thursday 9th of August, 8 artists arrived at the Royal West of England Academy to meet me for a session of Tunisian Collaborative Painting for the afternoon. I divided them at random into 2 groups and asked them to follow these guidelines:

  • 1 artist is appointed to star the painting
  • Anyone else in the group can then join in and paint at any time
  • Anyone can paint over anyone else's work
  • The painting process is done in complete silence

The session would last a maximum of three hours, but if any artist felt that the painting was finished at any point the could raise their hand to say so. The others in the group ether agree by raising their hand, or not. The majority vote rules.


After an introduction to Tunisian Collaborative Painting from myself and via video, David Black, the artists broke into groups and began painting... Here are the results!

The Gardener.jpg

Unconcious Thoughts.jpg

'Unconscious Thoughts'

Clare Thatcher - Ashar - Harriet Hazard - Helen Acklam