Collaborative Painting UK @ RWA


During August 2018, the Royal West of England Academy and Collaborative Painting UK will host a series of five Tunisian Collaborative Painting workshops and bring together 40 local artists to  create 10 new collaborative artworks. The sessions led by Luke Palmer will ask the artists to work in groups of four and follow the TCP process:

  • One artist in each group is appointed to start the painting
  • Anyone else in that group can then join in
  • Anyone can paint over anyone else's work
  • The painting process is conducted in complete silence
  • A maximum of 3hrs is set - if an artist feels that the painting is finished, they must raise their hand. The others in the group also vote by raising a hand - majority vote rules

Collaborative Painting UK @ RWA follows on from a collaborative drawing performance at the RWA Drawing LAB in April 2017 with artists Bea Kayani, Felix Braun, Catherine Knight and Luke Palmer, and the launch of Tunisian Collaborative Painting TCPUK at Kingsweston House in May 2016.

Artists taking part include:

3Dom, Richard Twose, Epok, Sarah Dixon, Helen Acklam, Clare Thatcher, Ashar, Miss Hazard, Gemma Waterfall, Annika Wilkinson, Ben One, Jules Horn, Graham Paris Dews, Pauline Palmer, Rob Wheeler, Dicy, Sophie-Rae, Jody, and Ziml

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Collaborative Painting UK @ RWA is supported Arts Council England