Collaborative Painting UK @ RWA Exhibition Images


CPUK @ RWA - Private View

A very brief message to thank everyone who came to last night’s Private View at the RWA and made it everything i hoped it would be… and an extra special thank you to Ian Irwin and Jess Kirkby for capturing the moment so perfectly!

The exhibition is open until 28th Feb, 10-5:30pm Tues-Sun. FREE Entry

Collaborative Painting UK @ RWA - Installed!

After a dubious start with a blanket of snow throwing a minor spanner in the works, we made it happen and the paintings are now up on public display at the RWA! Please RSVP if you would like to attend the Private View on Weds 6th Feb from 6-8pm - Private View Invite

Free entry at the Royal West of England Academy, Queens Rd Bristol. 2-28th Feb 10-5.30pm (closed Mondays)

Prints, postcard books and other CPUK @ RWA rewards are available through the Fundsurfer campaign for the next event in Easter 2019

Collaborative Painting UK @ RWA 5-29th Feb 2019

Free entry - Cube Gallery, Royal West of England Academy, Queens Rd, Bristol.

Free entry - Cube Gallery, Royal West of England Academy, Queens Rd, Bristol.

Invented by Tunisian artist Hechmi Ghachem during the 1980s - when freedom of expression was outlawed in his country - groups of artists painted together, on the same canvas, in complete silence to protect their identities. Luke Palmer is the first to bring the liberating concept of collaborative painting to the UK.

Come see the fascinating results of collaborative painting sessions held at the RWA with local and street artists.

“With its unique set of rules TCP makes it possible for artists to experience letting things happen instead of trying to control what is happening. In the process each artist discovers more of his or her talents and widens the imagination.

Luke Palmer has taken over for the loss of Hechmi Ghachem. His personal experience with the creative process has become the foundation for a new path into the magical world of Tunisian Collaborative Painting.

It is an experience you will never forget.”

David Black

Collaborative Painting UK @ Royal West of England Academy 2018 - The results!

'Unconscious Thoughts' (2018) - Clare Thatcher, Helen Acklam, Ashar + Harriet Hazard

'The Gardener' (2018) - Tim Epok, Sarah Dixon, Mike 3Dom + Gemma Waterfall

'She Only Sees Himself' (2018) - Ben One, Sophie Rae, Annika Wilkinson, Rob Wheeler

'The Marathon' (2018) - Pauline Palmer, Jules Horn + Graham 'Paris' Dews

'Rolling Hills' (2018) - Julia Adams, Duncan Mckellar, Bea Kayani + Prerna Chandiramani

'Fragile Sludge' (2018) - Julia Adams, Duncan Mckellar, Bea Kayani + Prerna Chandiramani

'Odyssey' (2018) - Jody Thomas, Justin 'Dicy' McCarthy + Richard Shipley

'Passing' (2018) - Felix 'FLX' Braun, Tom Lynne + Rob Aspire

'Voracious Paradise' (2018) - Rob Lawes, Gina Love, Bex Glover + Beverley Ferguson

'Quadlings' (2018) - Sam Emm, Ian Thomson, Frances Ackland-Snow + Matilde Battisti

Collaborative Painting UK @ RWA - Session 3

Collaborative Painting UK @ RWA - Session 3. Artists Bea Kayani, Julia Adams, Prerna Chandiramani + Duncan Mckellar called time on their canvas at 1hr 50 minutes, so i offered them the chance to spend the final hour or so on another canvas. They jumped at the chance and produced a second painting together in under 40 minutes. Another amazing day making collaborative masterpieces!

Collaborative Painting UK @ Royal West of England Academy - Thursday 18th August 2018. Tunisian Collaborative Painting facilitated by Luke Palmer. Artists: Julia Adams Duncan McKellar Bea Kayani Prerna Chandiramani The second of 2 collaborative paintings made by this group, taking a total of just 36 minutes.

Collaborative Painting UK @ RWA - Session 1

After two years of planning, i could hardly believe i was actually going to make this happen. On Thursday 9th of August, 8 artists arrived at the Royal West of England Academy to meet me for a session of Tunisian Collaborative Painting for the afternoon. I divided them at random into 2 groups and asked them to follow these guidelines:

  • 1 artist is appointed to star the painting
  • Anyone else in the group can then join in and paint at any time
  • Anyone can paint over anyone else's work
  • The painting process is done in complete silence

The session would last a maximum of three hours, but if any artist felt that the painting was finished at any point the could raise their hand to say so. The others in the group ether agree by raising their hand, or not. The majority vote rules.


After an introduction to Tunisian Collaborative Painting from myself and via video, David Black, the artists broke into groups and began painting... Here are the results!

The Gardener.jpg

Unconcious Thoughts.jpg

'Unconscious Thoughts'

Clare Thatcher - Ashar - Harriet Hazard - Helen Acklam