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Collaborative Painting UK @ RWA Exhibition Images


CPUK @ RWA - Private View

A very brief message to thank everyone who came to last night’s Private View at the RWA and made it everything i hoped it would be… and an extra special thank you to Ian Irwin and Jess Kirkby for capturing the moment so perfectly!

The exhibition is open until 28th Feb, 10-5:30pm Tues-Sun. FREE Entry

Collaborative Painting UK @ Royal West of England Academy 2018 - The results!

'Unconscious Thoughts' (2018) - Clare Thatcher, Helen Acklam, Ashar + Harriet Hazard

'The Gardener' (2018) - Tim Epok, Sarah Dixon, Mike 3Dom + Gemma Waterfall

'She Only Sees Himself' (2018) - Ben One, Sophie Rae, Annika Wilkinson, Rob Wheeler

'The Marathon' (2018) - Pauline Palmer, Jules Horn + Graham 'Paris' Dews

'Rolling Hills' (2018) - Julia Adams, Duncan Mckellar, Bea Kayani + Prerna Chandiramani

'Fragile Sludge' (2018) - Julia Adams, Duncan Mckellar, Bea Kayani + Prerna Chandiramani

'Odyssey' (2018) - Jody Thomas, Justin 'Dicy' McCarthy + Richard Shipley

'Passing' (2018) - Felix 'FLX' Braun, Tom Lynne + Rob Aspire

'Voracious Paradise' (2018) - Rob Lawes, Gina Love, Bex Glover + Beverley Ferguson

'Quadlings' (2018) - Sam Emm, Ian Thomson, Frances Ackland-Snow + Matilde Battisti