Team building and professional development 

We work with organisations of all sizes to provide collaborative arts activities that help participants generate fresh perspectives, boost energy, raise moral and broaden both individual and group horizons. Our workshops and activities can achieve:

  • More motivated team members
  • A clearer sense of shared purpose
  • Generate new ideas and solutions
  • Greater appreciation of colleagues diverse range of strengths and skills
  • Providing a clear space to think, experiment and play
  • A group challenge outside of the normal comfort zones that help develop team bonding and mutual respect through shared experience and achievement
  • Exposure to new and unorthodox methods of interpersonal communication offering exciting avenues to explore tangential thinking

Each of our workshops and training sessions will give participants plenty of opportunity for self expression, collaborative team building activities and space for reflection and discussion. The artwork produced in these sessions can be kept by your organisation as a keepsake or placed on display in the workplace to celebrate what can be achieved when we forget our differences and become creative together!

To find out more about our services for organisations and Collaborative Painting UK can facilitate your team away day or in-house training, please contact us using the enquire button below

Collaborative painting using acrylics on canvas

Collaborative painting using acrylics on canvas