About Collaborative Painting UK

Collaborative Painting UK is a creative arts engagement organisation set up in 2017 to facilitate opportunities for artists, young people and community groups to collaboratively make new artworks that celebrate the magic of what can happen when we forget our differences and become creative together.

My name is Luke Palmer and I am an artist and educator from Bristol in the South West of England.

My work is best described as creative facilitation – uncovering and developing human creativity as positive and therapeutic activity, - whether 1:1, with groups or across a larger organisation.  I take a holistic approach to working with others and always look to find how working with Collaborative Painting UK can bring maximum benefit to you and your organisation. 

No two people, events or organisations are the same so I tailor workshops and training sessions to suit the needs and desired outcomes of the participants. 

Recent collaborative arts projects i have facilitated include:

  • Tunisian Collaborative Painting
  • Urban regeneration Street Art murals
  • Motivational speeches and workshops for business professionals
  • Self development creative arts workshops 
  • Community engagement festivals
  • 1:1 Tutoring (creative arts specialism)
  • Experimental painting for people with special educational needs
  • Therapeutic arts for adults with learning difficulties
  • Street art workshops for young offenders
  • Professional development for artists and creatives

If you’d like to explore working with me to facilitate a collaborative painting session for you and your associates, please drop me a message - I would love to hear from you! 


Collaborative Painting UK aims to provide groups of people the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones in a safe and supportive environment, developing bonds and mutual respect between participants through shared experience and creative achievement. We will offer the potential for unexplored and hidden skills to be uncovered and recognised, inspiring the broadening of both individual and group ambitions. By offering exposure to new and unorthodox methods of interpersonal communication, Collaborative Painting UK workshops and training will offer an exciting and enjoyable avenue for developing new dialogue and tangential thinking between all those who participate.

Communication of different people working on the same thing... You get it in music where there is a linear flow of people responding to each other and creating a new joined-up sound which can be heard.
I was looking for the same thing really, but in visual terms.
— Rob Lawes, Artist and Art Director, Spacial Installations

What we aim to Achieve in 2018

  • Working with local and national artists to create new collaborative artworks
  • Building a network of associated artists that continue to work creatively together 
  • Facilitating personal development sessions for young people and community groups
  • Offering collaborative public engagement opportunities at local events and festivals
  • Working with business and organisations to improve collaborative working practice
  • Gain sponsorship and funding for developing inclusive outreach activities
  • Build on positive working relationships with local galleries and museums
  • Curate the UK's first Tunisian Collaborative Painting gallery exhibition