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An arts in health social enterprise facilitating creative arts events, team building experiences and training that build new networks, develop communication skills, celebrate shared experience and create unimaginable, unique works of art.


TRaining & Away days

Team-building with a difference. Participants work in small groups to create an collaborative artwork that can be kept as a symbol of shared achievement.


Artist collaborations

Collaborative Painting UK facilitates opportunities for groups of artists from different creative backgrounds to work together on producing a single work of art.


youth and community

We provide creative arts workshops and training to youth and community groups with an emphasis on collaborative practice and building new creative communities.

Building Networks - Exploring Creativity - Making Art


Collaborative Painting UK facilitate workshops, training and events that bring groups of people together to explore new methods of communication through creative arts activities and challenges. We host training sessions and away-days for business professionals, engagement and enrichment sessions for young people and community groups, and collaborative practice events and exhibitions for contemporary artists and creatives.

Previous Collaborative Painting UK projects include:

  • 'Collaborative Painting UK @ Centrespace' - An exhibition and series of workshops for creative professionals, hosted at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol
  • 'DRAWN' at the Royal West of England Academy - Live collaborative drawing with artists Bea Kayani, Felix Braun, Catherine Knight & Luke Palmer
  • 'TCPUK Launch Event' at Kings Weston House - 20 professional artists including Xenz, Andy Council, Richard Twose and Gina Love collaborate to make 5 new paintings
  • Collaborative Painting UK @ UPfest16 - 5 artists collaborate on 20 x 3 meter mural in silence without prior discussion or plans
  • SEND Arts - Working with groups of young people with learning difficulties and disabilities to facilitate creative arts activities as therapeutic learning and self development
Funded by the Arts Council England, Tunisian Collaborative Painting UK brought together 20 professional artists to paint together on 5 canvases, in silence. The event took place at Kings Weston House in Bristol and was produced by Luke Palmer and David Black, in association with Karen van Hoey Smith.

Develop Creativity and Communicate Better


We offer training, away-days and events for groups of any size and can tailor make workshops to suit your company's vision and objectives. 

Our mission is to provide opportunities and experiences that nurture and unlock creativity for both individuals and teams, develop group communication skills, build trust between participants and celebrate shared experience and achievement. 

The purpose of Collaborative Painting UK is helping participants exploring their own creativity through providing a different medium to communicate with others, and offering an opportunity to share their own voice.

For more information you can download the Collaborative Painting UK info pack here: 

For a free consultation contact luke@collaborativepainting.uk

tel: 07932735070


Building Networks Between Artists Through Collaborative Practice


Collaborative Painting UK host professional development sessions and events for contemporary artists to collaborate together on new and exciting group projects. 

We are currently preparing for a residency at the RWA in Bristol in summer 2018 where we will be working with RWA associated artists and local contemporary artists to create a series of new collaborative paintings for an exhibition in early 2019. 

Previous Collaborative Painting UK sessions at the RWA include 'DRAWN' exhibition, April 2017 with artists Bea Kayani, Felix Braun, Catherine Knight and Luke Palmer.


Encouraging Community Cohesion Through Creative Arts


We are passionate about inspiring young people to explore their creativity and facilitating sessions that build confidence, encourage team work and help develop bonding through mutual respect. Our workshops and training for young people can be tailored to suit groups of any size and we can work with your organisation to provide solutions that address the needs of your service users.

With over 15 years of experience in providing quality creative learning opportunities for young people in the South West, our tutors are all qualified artists and teachers and specialise in working with hard to reach individuals and young people with learning difficulties and disabilities. We believe that offering opportunities to develop creative thinking and new approaches to self expression through art are hugely beneficial to the well being and growth of all of our participants - especially young people!

Luke Palmer has facilitated creative arts projects for young people with organisations including:

  • Creative Youth Network
  • Arnolfini
  • BBC
  • Bristol Museum/M-Shed
  • Bristol University
  • Watershed
  • Well Spring Centre
  • Trinity Community Arts
  • Princes Trust/Fairbridge
  • Bristol Children's Hospital/BRI
  • Colston Hall
  • Bristol City Council
  • Bristol Zoo/Wildplace Concervation Project

To find out more about collaborative arts workshops for young people and discuss how we can meet your requirements, please drop us a line using the enquire button below.